Ways to Look Professionally Entertaining on Your Vlog and Blog

Browsing the Blogboek website made me think of a blog component that I use for discussion: video blogging or vlogging. As an expert, I think it’s attractive and easier to use with tutorials or comments, and I like this medium. I am aware that many consumers want to look at their own pace, but you can find some way to serve old and new users with attractive websites.

Know Your Topic

A rather basic idea that also works for ordinary websites. Beware of comments, offers, or, probably, clarification of a tutorial. Vloggers don’t put a camera in their face and start barking. They need some script, a plan to get away from.

Watch Your Setting

Are you going to sign up in a bathrobe? Are you going to sit in your chair with all those kids? You need to decide if you want to be taken seriously. Presentable; think about it. It doesn’t necessarily mean you have to wear a jacket and tie and stand behind a podium, but you want to introduce yourself. A great way to do that is clean up the mess on the desk, so be careful what happens in the background.

If necessary, throw a fantastic neutral-colored curtain behind you (not directly behind you, about 5 to 10 feet is perfect). Since this will create an effect, don’t sit with your spine. It will look terrible, regardless of the condition of your button on the camera. If you don’t need to show your side, don’t use colors. The smile is done by focusing and working over and over again and now talking with the camera’s eyes.

Use the Proper Light

Use light resources at work or home. Indicates support in which you, the subject itself, are enlightened. Make sure that your body hurries to be hit by this center of the light. Walk three meters away. Without a diffuser, your face will probably be “hot” (hot spots on the screen are also called blowouts and occur when a subject is overexposed). Stretch it out and illuminate the sheet.

You will see the difference, and the light will spread and hit the item. You can use backlighting to stand out from the background. To do this, use a light source and place it on the ground or above the subject, but only on the front of the experience facing you. You can experiment even if it does not light up like this light, instead of vlogging.

Choose the Proper Camera camera

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to have a beautiful camera, which could have sufficient resolution and frame rate (the number of frames in a minute, i.e., ten frames per second, shows only a very small delay in your image, the frames per second are all bigger) to do your vlogging, but then again you don’t need to use the webcam. Are vlogs a method for customers? Isn’t it necessary to leave customers sitting and waiting for the movie to load because it has been compressed to load it?.

Remember that you are not trying to compete with Diggnation and other online demos that use thousands of dollars in HD camcorders (their screens are usually about 180 MB to get and maintain more than half an hour). If you have a digital camera (or a camera) out there, like many people today, use it. The difference will be huge. These cameras capture light and colors and also have a lens without corners or edges like webcams. My clients were surprised by the caliber of the tutorials and also by these. I was not enthusiastic. I took a camera and noticed the difference.

Record Your Action

photographer at night

Talk, of course, talk and don’t go too fast. It’s hard not to worry about how we feel and how normal we look when we are in front of each other or how we are. Don’t move too …

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